inSafe We'll keep you inSafe hands to avoid needlestick injuries


inSafe provides comprehensive protection from the beginning of the procedure to the disposal of the needle. The specially designed syringe protects the needle at all times and its partnering sharps container completely removes the needles safely without contact.

Legislation and good practise technique dictate that appropriate safety systems are used in dental practices. inSafe is the Best Practise option offering total protection from needlestick injury with full choice of needles and aspiration techniques.

inSafe – Directions for use

the benefits

Locate and push on needle adaptor. Blue needle adaptor for metric threaded needles, yellow needle adaptor for imperial threaded needles.

the benefits

Screw on needle in same way as a standard syringe.

the benefits

Load cartridge and syringe ready for administration of anaesthetic.

the benefits

Needle covered by lockable sleeve before use, between injections and after final use.

the benefits

To remove needle safely, insert syringe with locked sleeve into sharps container.

the benefits

Twist and fully insert syringe
into container.

the benefits

Withdraw syringe to remove and dispose of the contaminated needle without resheathing. Best practice one-handed removal technique.

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