inSafe We'll keep you inSafe hands to avoid needlestick injuries

Is the weight similar to a traditional syringe?

Traditional syringe approx. 80g inSafe 60g.

Can we use any cartridge?

Yes but if self aspirating cartridges are used the inSafe ‘self aspirating’ syringe must be used. inSafe is the only safer sharp that can be used with Dentsply Self Aspirating (SA) cartridges.

Can we use 1.8 and 2.2ml cartridges?

Yes, with the correct inSafe syringe.

Can we use any needle?

Yes. If a metric needle is used then the blue adaptor must be used.

How much does it cost per injection?

Approximately £0.12 for needle and adaptor.

Is it all autoclavable?

Yes. The piston may be separated.

How do I clean and sterilise?

Clean in your normal system. See instructions for use. (See Reprocessing).

Does it have to be taken apart to sterilise?

Yes – separate the piston from the main body of the syringe. It is not necessary to separate the sleeve.

How many cycles can it withstand?

Materials used are good for 1500 cycles depending on handling and cleaning

Can the adaptors be sterilised?

Adaptors are polypropylene, which is not an officially autoclavable material but the adaptors are as clean as other comparable, disposable products such as saliva ejectors, syringe nozzles, suction tips etc.

Can the adaptors be supplied sterile?

Yes but there is no current demand for this.

Can the outer sleeve be replaced?

Yes. Spare kits may be purchased.

Can we aspirate?

Yes. The syringe can be supplied with O ring, harpoon, three point harpoon and self-aspirating for use with Dentsply Self Aspirating (SA) cartridges. It can also be supplied with a non-aspirating piston. Aspiration of blood is clearly visible.

What is the difference between an aspirating and
self aspirating syringe.

The inSafe aspirating syringes can be used with any standard cartridge. The inSafe self aspirating syringe can only be used with Dentsply Self Aspirating (SA) cartridges.

How many needles fit in an inSafe sharps box?

Approximately 150 needles and adaptors.

Why is the inSafe box not made larger?

The inSafe box size suits most dentists. It holds at least 150 needles and adaptors. The size has been selected after consultation to be the optimum size for works surfaces, cabinet mounting or wall fitting. It is not desirable to keep a large volume of contaminated needles in a clinical areas for too long.

Who collects the containers and what is the cost?

Please check with your normal medical waste collector.

What are the dimensions of the inSafe sharps box?

20cm long, 9cm wide, 10cm high.

Does the inSafe sharps container comply with UN3291?

The container is fully certified and compliant.

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